Women of Words (WOW) began as outlined below by one of the founders. Beth Anderson is a website creator and registered the domain name in 2000 in case it was ever needed to facilitate the group. In 2016 Beth got approval to create this website, and has expanded it beyond the Twin Cities group to encompass women’s voices worldwide, regardless of the delivery method. Empowering women has been the long hidden mission of Ms. Anderson, and here she brings it out into the light. May your journey here mean as much to you as it does to her.

The Origins

Women of Words (WOW) is a Twin Cities-based, by-invitation-only, community of women who are committed to help and support one another, personally and professionally, as writers.

It is where Women of Words can go to share information, contacts, resources, joy, and yes, even disappointment, related to the writing experience—from conception to publication. The main mission of WOW is to encourage our members to promote not only themselves but also their fellow women writers, so that any woman can skillfully and thoughtfully maintain her “right to write.”

Women of Words began with five female writers in the Minneapolis area in 1994. Leader and co-founder Connie Anderson, owner of Words & Deeds, Inc., has now grown WOW to a membership of 200 plus within four geographical groups in the Greater Minneapolis and St. Paul areas.

WOW members have collectively written more than 50 books on a wide variety of genres, countless articles, have appeared on Live with Kelly & Michael, Oprah, and whose scripts have been featured on Days of Our Lives and Mike & Molly.

Membership requirements are strictly adhered to, and include: a writing background either as an in-progress author or published writer; a commitment to attend a minimum of three monthly meetings a year; and display a give-and-take attitude that extends to sharing any information that may move WOW members closer to their goals.

There are no dues associated with WOW, and all monthly meetings take place during a buy-your-own-lunch gathering. This website is funded by those WOW members who wish to advertise their books and services, and share speaking and educational events.

WOW members also communicate regularly through the WOW Facebook page, which can only be accessed by members.