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Your editor is not an adversary, but an important part of you getting a book that
you’ll be proud to have your name on the cover.
– Connie Anderson

Working primarily with authors who are self-publishing, Connie edits book manuscripts in nonfiction genres (business, memoirs, how-to, self-help, etc.) as well as some fiction genres.

Connie believes that the right editor can help make your book the best possible. Experienced in numerous genres, she makes sure that the author writes to his or her intended market so that the book will serve and be read by those people. Editing from the point of view of a reader ensures that the book’s message is clear, concise and accurate to any reader. Her author clients appreciate the insights and honesty she brings to her editing, and agree that the right editor can help you have a book that you are very proud of…so find an editor you can trust.

With her background in this area, Connie can point authors to all the resources they need for self-publishing, either with the help of experts or managing the process themselves.


Editing fee is $55 an hour, based on editing rate of between 3500-4,000 words an hour. Author can have 7-8 pages of your book edited FREE if you wish to view her work in advance.


Proactive self-editing will save you money—because time is money.
– Connie Anderson

“Self-editing” involves the things you can do to fix your story/article/manuscript before you send it to a professional editor. Connie regularly presents a 60-minute talk on “Self-Editing Tips to Be a Better Writer” to writers’ groups.

Self-editing includes word usage, punctuation and grammar, content flow, and completeness. You will learn how to catch your own mistakes or common misuses, using the search/find/fix tool on a Microsoft Word, and much more. Experienced in numerous genres, Connie makes sure that the author writes to his or her intended market. Editing from the reader’s point of view ensures that the book’s message is clear, concise and accurate—and will be read.

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