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Stacey made it through the toughest moments of depression by expressing herself through writing. She wrote many poems, journaled, took breathtaking pictures of clouds and learned practical coping techniques during therapy.

Stacey was in the US Army for four years, served in Desert Storm, grew up as a “military brat”, has lived in Arkansas, California, Germany, Texas Louisiana, Washington and currently lives in Minnesota. She was born in Columbia, SC, has one sister, two brothers and two adult children.

In My Progression Through Depression you’ll find:

* Poems that depict how she went from being stuck to being mindful and having a process

* Content that goes deeper into each poem providing a peek into her mind

* Pictures that represent her strong draw to clouds, sky, and nature that provided her a sense of serenity

* Journal entries that gave her a voice to further vent

* Reflections of how lingering depression affected different areas of her life

Depression isn’t something that just goes away overnight. If you or someone you know suffers from it or you think they may have it, My Progression Through Depression provides examples of just a few of many ways one can cope and overcome.

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