Women of Words is all about words and we are building our content based on what YOU want to hear and what YOU want to write. As a member in good standing in this website you also have the opportunity to be a content provider. What does that mean?


The information you will want to know before submitting:

  • 200-2500 words
  • 1-3 images. If you are unable to supply we will add an appropriate image to the page.
  • Published here first (we prefer to skip dealing with copyright issues so we do it this way).
  • You retain copyright and are free to publish elsewhere after publishing here.
  • Any topic that is associated with women and their voices are welcome. This includes writing, speaking, publishing…all kinds of things.¬†We’re new at this, so feel free to submit and we’ll go from there.
  • Prepare yourself, content may be declined. If you want to know why feel free to ask if we’ve been neglectful in communicating.
  • Articles may be removed if author is no longer a member. Or we may leave them up, only time will tell.


Send all pieces to beth.anderson @ womenofwords.com (Keeping the spam down, so no link to the email address, you need to type it to send.)